Saturday, November 6, 2010

Remington 5 Typewriter

I fell in love. With a typewriter. Strange, I know, but, take a look.

A month ago I decided that I wanted a manual typewriter. I love the quality of typed text, and, although I knew I could get typewriter fonts for Word, I wanted the real thing. I started checking out different eras of typewriter innovations. I have always been seduced by the design aesthetics of the 1930s, so when I found the Remington 5, I was smitten. It is described as the "streamline", named after this style of the 30s, with smooth, round edges,and deco lettering. (There is actually a Remington Streamliner, which is different). I participated in some bidding wars on eBay and lost, until I found this one. It was destiny....

Some people dismantle these for the keys. While I like typewriter key jewelry, it is tragic to salvage the keys and throw away such a beauty.

We are developing our relationship, as I practice typing out fictional letters. My Remington 5 works very well. I was able to find new ribbon in original cartridges, so I may type all I want. It requires quite a bit of finger strength. I don't know how writers typed out their novels on these old manual typewriters, but I love the sound and the feel.

One more photo of my vintage beauty....

Photo uses Cottage Arts Photo Blend 2-1

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